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massage by Jan
Jan Wopperer, LMT
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Need a massage? I do.
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Let me come to you! Discover massage by Jan where you can enjoy a complete selection of massages in your home. Truly relax your stresses away with a professional massage without the commute.

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testimonial Jan has done an excellent job as a massage therapist for me. She has treated my affected areas and was very helpful in providing and demonstrating stretches."
— Marilyn P., Williamsville, NY

Jan's massage blog. These hands can help.
mon nov 14
2:20 am

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Hot stone massage is beneficial because it uses heat to soften tissues and relax the body. They can be used with pressure or placed on skin, in between toes, under the legs, in hands, and on the back. The hot stones increase relaxation and circulation, while soothing the skin and warming you on a cold day. It’s so perfect for winter.

Often, hot stone massages are expensive, but I offer a 90-minute massage at Birgit’s for only $95.
Call 632-3535 to schedule one today!

fri aug 19
3:00 pm

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Zahida specializes in

Glycolic Acid Treatments

Here is her website: Flawless Skin

mon mar 28
1:44 pm

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I’m now working full-time at Birgit’s Hair & Skin, located on Main St. between Transit and Harris Hill in Williamsville/Clarence, not too far from Alethea’s Chocolates!

My room is located in a comfortable downstairs space with a fire and couches, next to the shower and sauna. Our esthetician is Zahida, and we work in side-by-side rooms. So cozy! Come see us soon!

We’re open every day but Sunday.
Call 716-634-3535 to schedule an appointment.

wed jan 5
4:45 pm

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I’ve been on twitter for 3 years now and just recently decided to start a twitter account about massage therapy and its benefits.
Follow and enjoy:


thu jun 25
12:36 pm

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